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Your Lawyers For Life

Probate And Estate Planning Attorneys You Can Trust

At the law firm of Ward Law, P.A., in Destin, Florida, we assist clients with all facets of probate and estate planning. Whether you want to prepare for your future medical care and asset distribution or need assistance administering the estate of a loved one, contact our experienced attorneys today.

Helping You Prepare For The Future With Estate Planning

Uncertainty abounds. It is often difficult to guess what will happen in your life tomorrow, let alone five years from now. This uncertainty makes it important to plan ahead for all contingencies.

By creating an estate plan, you can maintain control over important life decisions even if you become unable to express your wishes. Through durable powers of attorney (DPOA) and health care surrogate designations, you can ensure that you delegate decision-making abilities to the individuals of your choosing. With a living will, you can express your health care wishes in a legally binding manner. Using wills and trusts, you can distribute your assets according to your wishes. We can help you with all of these documents and more. Call us today.

Guiding You Through The Probate Administration Process

In theory, the probate court system is designed to facilitate the efficient transfer of property. In practice, the probate court system can seem like an endless web of paperwork and bureaucracy. If you have recently lost a loved one, there are many things that need to be done that can only be handled by an attorney. An experienced probate attorney can make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Contact us today at CALL to discuss your situation and determine how we can work together to help you.

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