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Legal Representation For Your Foreclosure Needs

At Ward Law, P.A., our team of experienced real estate and business attorneys offers foreclosure avoidance options and defense to both commercial and residential property owners throughout Northwest Florida. If you are facing foreclosure or you are running behind on mortgage payments, consult with one of our Florida foreclosure defense attorneys as soon as possible.

Our Destin law firm can make a thorough and timely evaluation of your specific situation. We can also help you take aggressive and decisive actions to defend your property from foreclosure in an emergency.

Alternatives To Foreclosure

We can advise you and inform you of your full options that are most appropriate for your unique situation. We can even help you evaluate options to catch back up and make your loan payments current if your problem is temporary. You have options to avoid foreclosure, but if these measures are not enough, we can work vigorously to defend you:

  • Reinstatement – You pay the mortgage lender all overdue debts and fees by a negotiated date.
  • Repayment plan – You add all overdue debts onto your regular payment schedule and repay them within an adjusted time frame at the discretion of your lender.
  • Forbearance – A negotiated agreement with your lender to reduce or suspend your payments for a fixed amount of time, at the end of which you resume regular payments and pay off the debt owed in a lump sum or with increased monthly payments until your loan is current
  • Loan modification – A negotiated agreement to modify terms of your mortgage contract, which can include a lower interest rate, an extended term or forgiveness of missed payments
  • Short sale – An agreement with your lender to sell your home for less than the market value. A short sale may relieve you of further mortgage payment obligations.

In any circumstance, it helps to make a good faith effort in working with your lender to make future payments and develop a debt repayment plan. We can gain a full understanding of your situation and unique circumstances, and prepare to pursue an agreement that solidifies your best option in resolution.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Options

At Ward Law, P.A., our Destin foreclosure attorneys can aggressively protect your property from foreclosure and work for your best interests in alternative options. Contact our law firm online or call us at 850-502-4756 or toll-free at 877-732-9339 for a consultation with a lawyer.

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