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Skillful And Driven Wage Garnishment Representation

At Ward Law, P.A., we assess our clients’ specific needs, make thorough preparations and take appropriate steps to meet goals. Our Florida law firm is experienced in representing a range of clients and advising on other laws associated with creditors’ rights and commercial debt collection.

From offices in Destin, Florida, we advise clients throughout Northwest Florida and from out of state on effective strategies in pursuing debt payments from delinquent Florida debtors and other means of satisfying debts. We can represent your company in court proceedings and enforcement actions, and we can advocate your best interests in out-of-court actions.

Wage Garnishments And Judgment Collections

Once a money judgment or support order is entered, a court order may be obtained to withhold a portion of the debtor’s wages for the payment of the debt, child support or spousal support. Property and other assets may be levied on, seized and sold to pay a money judgment. We can advise you on further options if such actions do not satisfy the debts completely.

Our attorneys are dedicated to proving our clients’ cases in lawsuits and obtaining money judgments against delinquent debtors. We aggressively pursue debt satisfaction. Whether property seizure and/or sales, payment enforcement, garnishment, or foreclosure will successfully achieve your needs and goals, we can take any legal action necessary in your case.

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At Ward Law, P.A., our Destin attorneys can advise you on the legal actions and proceedings that can apply to your case most effectively. Contact our law firm online or call us at 850-502-4756 or toll-free at 877-732-9339 for a consultation with a lawyer.

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