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Finding Effective Business Debt Litigation

At Ward Law, P.A., we work with a wide assortment of clients. Our experience, knowledge and diverse business backgrounds allow us to prepare strategies and address your collection issues from many angles. If your business is considering options for collecting debts from customers, we can help you appropriately approach issues involving:

Some remedies do not require court action, and we can advise proper proactive measures available to your business.

Court Involvement In Asset Recovery

If attempts on collecting on debt without court involvement are not fruitful, we can file suit and take decisive action against delinquent debtors and pursue money judgments. Further, we can execute on money judgments, garnish wages and bank accounts, and levy on property.

Our dedicated team works on your behalf to collect debts through enforceable court actions such as lawsuits and liens. Proving your case against a delinquent debtor in court allows for asset and property seizure and/or sales to satisfy the debts owed.

We represent creditors and businesses in Florida and out of state in appropriate and effective collections actions against delinquent Florida debtors, including representing creditors in debtor bankruptcies.

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At Ward Law, P.A., our Destin creditors’ rights attorneys can advise and represent your best interests in your particular situation. Contact our law firm online or call us at CALL or toll-free at 877-732-9339 for a consultation with a lawyer.

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