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Four red flags buyers should watch for that could indicate construction defects

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

Every buyer assumes some risk in the purchase of a home. A general home inspection represents a noninvasive legal means to ensure a seller provides notice of any issues, especially those not immediately visible, that would make a buyer reconsider. While the inspection report can identify numerous issues, there are four that rank as most important from the buyer’s perspective.

The nature of a home inspection, i.e., noninvasive, explains why a buyer should reconsider purchase if the report identifies an issue. Florida law specifically defines a “construction defect.” In that context, any report that includes the following defects would prompt the buyer either to demand additional inspections or refuse to purchase the property.

  1. Foundation and Drainage – Foundations are the most important structure of the home and should be structurally sound. A house below street level or with gutters pitched improperly may have water drain into the lower levels.
  2. Mold – Normally associated with water damage, the report should note the cause. For example, standing water and wet materials may lead to viruses and bacteria as well.
  3. Termite Infestation – These insects that eat wood can destroy a home’s structure. Infrared technology can look deeper into the structure. Often, a termite specialist can remove the insects.
  4. Electrical System Problems – Older homes have wiring not compliant with more recently adopted codes, especially air conditioning and entertainment system used continually.  

Attorneys who possess a unique knowledge base and recognize the legal options available to individuals faced with these challenges can help.