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Being accused of a crime is not a conviction for that crime

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Criminal Law

When you are the subject of a criminal allegation – whether you have been formally charged or it is still at the investigation stage – the experience can be terrifying. You will have a lot of uncertainty about the outcome, which can have a profound effect on your life and that of your family. But this is no time to despair because there is often a lot that can be done so you can achieve a favorable outcome.

An accusation is just the beginning

Let’s say you have been arrested for a theft offense. While it’s a scary event, it does not yet mean much. Someone, whether it is a law enforcement officer or another person, thinks that you have committed a crime. But that person’s opinion, even if they are a police officer, doesn’t matter too much. What matters is whether there is evidence that a crime was committed and that you are the one who committed it.

This is where the importance of an investigation comes in. And the investigation is not limited to that conducted by law enforcement – your attorney is entitled equally to investigate the allegation, with your interests in mind. They can ask questions that would never occur to law enforcement and probe details in which others would have little interest.

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” – it is the highest form of evidence that can be required and it is required in every criminal case in Florida. This is when formulating and executing a sound defense strategy becomes critical. The burden to prove any accusation is entirely on the prosecution and they must meet this very high standard.

Depending on the evidence in your case, it may be best to attack that evidence thoroughly. Or, there may be a single piece of that evidence that fails scrutiny. The point is, what may appear unassailable at first glance rarely is. So, if you find yourself on the wrong end of a criminal accusation, do not give up. Instead, speak to a knowledgeable professional who is experienced in Florida criminal law. They can help you find the right path forward.